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  American History

A Modern-Day Revolution: American Turmoil In The 1960'S

Albert Einstein

Alger Hiss

American Expansion

American Immigration

American Imperialism

American Revolution

Atomic Bomb

Battle Of Gettysburg

Benedict Arnold: Life In The American Revolution

Black Like Me (Chapters)

Blind Conformity

Book Review Of The Killer Angels


Causes For American Revolution

Characterization Of Democratic Republicans

Charles Manson

Chinese Immigrater

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Movement Timeline

Did America Do Enought To Help The Jews In The Holocaust

European Miconceptions About The Indians

Evaluation Of The New Deal

George Washington Carver

Haight-Ashbury In The 1960S

History Of Medicine In America


Land Of Desire

Lewis And Clark: The Story

Lincon Vs. Kennedy

Malcom X

Manhattan Project

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr

Native American Purification

Nuclear Warfare


Post Civil War Racism

Prejudice Is A Toxic Type Of Thinking

President Lincoln In The Civil War


Public Hangings


Racism In America

Random Guy




Remember The Alamo

Road To Brown

Road To Democracy



The Media's Role In Watergate

The Other Sister

The Scarlet Letter

The Success Of England And S Spain In The Colonization Of The

The War Of 1812

The War Of 1812

The Watergate Scandal

Thomas Jefferson (Sketch)

Thoreau And King's Idea's

Uncle Tom's Cabin



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