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America = Double Standard In America we have freedom of speech. We have the option to express our feelings and thoughts. Sometimes it is unwanted and uncalled for but we can speak out . Unlike some countries we wouldn’t be penalized or attacked for speaking against our countries or president or government. Some countries keep a strong tap on any person or groups that bad talk or plan against the government . The KGB from Russia was known for their killings of people talking against the government . They taped a lot of people. They had no mercy. If you want something in America or want to be something you can do it. There aren’t many deadly obstacles in you way. Many things like racism and politics on a small scale , can hold you back but nothing like war . No land mines also. We never have to worry about that at all. Democracy is a great thing too. No totalitarian government of dictatorship .We have a voice in what goes on in the government. We have votes for various positions in the government and local areas. In some countries the is no democracy at all. These countries have an unbalanced relationship between the people and government . It is not even . America is very open to different cultures and different religions. America is the big melting g pot for everything . You wouldn’t be killed off because of opposing religions at all . There is also no ethnic cleansing of any type . We treat everyone equally and are very accepting of new things. Santiago2 The American way of teaching history is totally European based . What about the various cultures outside of Europe ? There are many . We contradict ourselves when we say world history and only teach the European part of it . . We also neglect the arts in he teaching of history . Good education should be present everywhere in America. Not in certain areas only . It should be everywhere. Good educational results are present in other countries why not ours? We let the American kids get lazy. 5 Word Count: 358


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